Serious Topic: Diabetes!

Hey, it is SammyKaty and I have a serious topic to talk about. Which is Diabetes. Yep, Diabetes. As my close friends know, I have Type 1 Diabetes. Today, I had an appointment for it, every three months as, well, as I know. Most people have either Type 1 Diabetes or Type 2 diabetes, It affects over 20 million Americans and 40 million Americans have pre-diabetes which comes before somebody gets Type 2 Diabetes.  People, or most young people think that you get diabetes when you are over weight for BOTH Diabetes. But that’s wrong, in a way, of course. I didn’t get diabetes, because I was over weight, I got it, because my  pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin my body needs and Allah gave me this chronic disease I believe is to test me and see if I can overcome this obstacle. Of course, I as a MUSLIM think everything in the world good or bad is a test that we humans to fight it ourselves. Inshallah, I hope there will be a cure and I won’t have to get shots anymore. The hard part about diabetes, I can’t fast, because if I do, then my blood sugar will get low and I will faint. Diabetes is no laughing matter, AT ALL!!! If you don’t care of your diabetes they will be consequences like kidney failure, blindness, numbness, and since they high blood sugars can cause nerve damage as well. I hope this message will get you thinking TWICE and please, don’t let diseases stop from living your life, because YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!! YOLO

By: SammyKaty 🙂



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