College Weird Dream

I had a actual dream that had not a weird ending, or did I???? So, this how it happen, I was at Salma M’s house, cause we were hanging out that day. We were 18 years old, and I Salma looked really different, just saying. Her mom bought Salma M an apartment in Boston, so I asked her if I can move in with her and she said yes. Faiza came, stopped by, and she said she got accepted to a college in Boston, don’t know which one though. We decided to move there and we left the next day. I was driving this hot silver car, and you guys were sitting in the back. Fadumo and Salma A said they will come by the next few days, they had something to do. Finally, after that, we made it…. We yelled and suddenly, NINJAS CAME OUT!!!! AHHH, then I woke up. What a dream.

Please, don’t call me anything, but this dream is weird… 🙂


10 thoughts on “College Weird Dream

  1. ummm, i wish i cud go to boston, get into Harvard and have my own apartment. maybe it’s a sign?? insha’Allah!!! but this is a funny dream. u kno u don have dreams for no reason, there’s always a reason or a message!

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