Sailor Moon Dream!!!!

  I had this weird dream, and I wanna say it before

Okay, so first I am at some Somali Mall. I was shopping for toys or clothes, I don’t remember it well. And then suddenly I was at Mid Town … don’t ask what the heck it was, but whatever man. Suddenly Faiza and I was at her house…. Then three girls came out of nowhere. They kind of look like Sailor Moon characters and they said that we were like the missing people of their group, Faiza was like yeah NIGGHA, and I am like heck Nah. Anyway then suddenly we were on top of the MIDTOWN ROOF!!!! They said we are gonna fly. I AM LIKE HECK NO!!!! Again… I still didn’t think it was a dream still. Then Faiza was like you pussy….. Again I JUST LIKE no!!! Then This girl with blond hair and Faiza both Grapped my had and we flew …. Faiza was doing tricks while I was SCARED OUTTA MY MIND…. I finally looked down and there was a billboard with OUR FACES… Before we landed, I woke up!!!! If I knew it was a dream, I wouldn’t had fly and do tricks too. OH WELL!!!! 🙂


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