Scary Dreams and Weird Dreams in 2 DAYS in a Row!!!

Okay, I had the weirdest dreams, so I am gonna list in from oldest to newest.

Tuesday: Salma A and I won this trip to somwhere, Saint Louis I think. I saw Salma M. and Faiza M. walking the opposite direction as us. I yelled and I said, ” Where are you guys going, hey come back”. I asked Salma A called them, but she just looked at the ground, doing nothing. Next Scene: I finally caught up with Salma M, and I asked her’ Why, are you not talking to me.’ and Salma said”  Why are you talking to me?? and I am like WTF, we are the best of friends and you are asking why am i TALKING to you. Faiza M ame rushing back and said” Don’t you remember we are not FRIENDS anymore and I started crying like when, why. But they disappeared and I was in an elevator crying and before I left the elevator, I woke up.. Fucked up DREAM if you ask me.

Wedneday: Before I say anything about Wednesday’s dreams, I had three dreams last night so I will try to remember all three mini dreams. P.S.S. I told you my dream from Monday and about Sailor Moon. Okay so the 1st dream, I was lying down and I tried to wake up, but this woman that looked like Storm from the X Men came. I asked her why am I Here??? She said you killed your own kind…. and I am like??/ Then suddenly I turned in this silver werewolf with bright green eyes,,, She said that I was gonna put to death, and I am like noo, please, I swear I didn’t kill anybody.. Next Scene: Before I was ya know suppose to die, another woman said, she is NOT GUILTY and I am like really. The Storm looking lady cried and said, ” I am glad you weren’t the murderer…


2nd dream: I was at my school ( Patrick Henry High School) and I was at my locker…. suddenly everybody hated me( IDK…) anyway they put grabbage in my locker and stuff like that… and I was sent to a counsler.. They said you have to leave the school, or you will be sucidal in the future…. before I yelled at the people I had my third dream

3rd dream: I was walking with this African American girl, never saw her in my life. Somwbody was after her so then me, her, and other people started to run away from a dangerous killer on the loose. We decided to run… I held a guy’s hand( Again don’t know him in real life) and we ran down the hill, the murderer behind us… snd suddenly he popped out in front of us.. I wanted to run fast, but suddenly I slow downed… And before he shot me he showed me his face and it was the girl’s borther and I woke up..

In the end, my alam clock ran and I was sooo exhausted;( but the dream that scared me most was the dream about you guys…..:( Right now, I am scared to sleep

Peace out:) SammyKaty




4 thoughts on “Scary Dreams and Weird Dreams in 2 DAYS in a Row!!!

  1. You know just as well as i do that I would never do that. You ridiculous person. We all love each other like crazy. Fadumo, Faiza and Salma made up and there’s no fighting so you have nothing to dream about. Calm your shiznit down, Samira. we ❤ you. Don't forget that ever. I liked your other dream about us in Boston better.

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