I am back…. Seriously

Hey!!! When was the LAST TIME I POSTED ANYTHING?!?!?!?!? I am such as weird person, first I am addicted to one thing, then the next thing I get bored and join a new website. Anyway, the reason I wanna keep doing my blog is that first of all, I AM DAMN BORED; the second thing is that the only way I could talk to my friends is either by Facebook( which in my opinion most of my friends don’t do Facebook), or I must keep doing my blog on WordPress…. which can get boring, because I have no topics to write about. Now there is another question, DOES MY FRIENDS STILL DO WORDPRESS!!!??? Well, I think some of them do, again, I can’t be TOO JUDGEMENTAL. Oh yeah, I don’t have weird or any dreams AT ALL?!?!??! Do you know how freaky it is FOR ME not to dream at least once a MONTH?? OMG, maybe is cuz of the coffee, nah, I drink it ALL OF THE TIME! Anyway, bye-bye( for who ever reads my blog which I think no one does anymore)b0706549bbd0d595480eb454b88c6d41
P.S. Random picture from me cuz I love tigers!!! :3


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